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Privacy Hub

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Klōk's patented technology creates an encrypted connection for all your devices and prevents tracking through cell signals, unique device IDs, and browser-based IP tracking.

Klōk ensures that your online activity stays private and secure, even from the most sophisticated attacks.

Frequently asked questions

Klōk uses proprietary technology to create a secure, encrypted connection for your devices. This technology prevents tracking through cell signals, unique device IDs, and browser-based IP tracking, ensuring your online activities remain private.

Klōk is designed to work with all internet-enabled devices, up to five devices at one time. Whether you're using a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or smart home device, Klōk can keep you covered

You should have airplane mode on, WiFi calling on, and location services off

Klōk is priced at $499, with a variety of subscription-based data plans available.

Say goodbye to VPNs. With Klōk, you’re not just securing an app or a browser; you're securing every byte that goes in and out of your device. This isn’t just an application layer; it’s a network layer. So, no, you won’t need a VPN anymore.

No. You will need the Data Subscription in order for Klōk to operate. When you purchase Klōk you will also select a Klōk data plan.

Absolutely. Klōk is a legal privacy tool designed to protect your personal information from being tracked and exploited.

Klōk is designed for easy setup. Once you receive your device, simply follow the instructions included in the package to get started. See our guide here.

Please contact us for questions regarding international use.