Connection Indicators


Solid empty cloud Device unable to connect to cloud > 2 minutes Poor reception/connectivity e.g. basement
  • Device will re-boot automatically in this circumstance
  • Reset device
  • Change Location
  • Contact Support
No SIM reg. icon Device connects to the cloud but SIM fails Poor reception
  • Reset device
  • Change Location
  • Contact Support
Blinking icon > 3 minutes Device connects to the cloud but is unable to register the SIM to the mobile network Poor Reception Service denied
Cloud with line through it Service not authorized at this time or location This is an administrative issue. Contact Support

How to reset your device

There are 2 types of reset:

Hard Reset to clear cache

  1. Press Home button until flash appears on screen and reboots (approx. 20 seconds).
  2. Release button when the Boot Screen appears.

Note: Hard Reset will resolve most issues.

Factory Reset (to be performed at support team’s direction)

  1. Press Pinhole Button and Home Button simultaneously (approx. 7 seconds).
  2. Release Home Button first
  3. Device will Factory Reset -> then release Pinhole Button

General Usage


Issue Possible Cause Resolution
Device does not turn on Battery level is too low Leave the device connected to charger for >1 hr
Device won’t charge Charge block wattage is too low Use 20W charging block
Slow or no service
  1. Poor Reception
  2. SIM issue
Contact support
Device is stuck on the Boot Page Error in boot procedure Hard Reset
Device keeps rebooting Device is unable to connect to LTE
  1. Hard Reset
  2. Contact Support